Ghost Inspector
  • 07 Jun 2022
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Ghost Inspector

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Automation testing is performed using Ghost Inspector software -

Why Ghost Inspector

We have selected Ghost Inspector software because: 

  • The testing of use cases takes place in a web browser with an extension installed that allows you to save test cases without code. 
  • It is possible to change the tests without manual coding. 
  • The software provides the perfect API, which we take full advantage of in Agile.Now DevOps. 
  • You can test OutSystems mobile, reactive, and web applications with a single software. 
  • The test software is a fully browser-based SaaS service, so it is quick to deploy, and no separate maintenance is required.
  • The interface of the Ghost Inspector application is arranged in the form of applications stacked as folders (as shown in the figure below). Each test applications would have multiple unit tests stacked within it (see image below). These unit tests are then synced to the Agile.Now Devops application during a sync cycle with Agile.Now Devops.
  • The unit tests are automatically migrated from Ghost Inspector to Agile.Now Devops application when a Test application is associated with a component within an issue. This enables the user in Agile.Now Devops to execute all the unit tests within the test application when an issue has been completed and has to be tested.

Fig: Ghost inspector interface

Application folder
Sync from DevOps to auto test tool. Only application with "Set as home" flag is set as the home application in OutSystems Service Studio (end user application) when the deployment is completed.

Organization-level Variables

Variables can be defined at the organization level. If you hover over your name on the top right of the application, then click on “Account Settings”, you’ll land on a page that lists your organization on the left side menu with various options underneath. Among them is a “Variables” item. These variables are available within all tests in your organization when they are run. Add a new "domain" variable, and then specify a default domain value.

Fig: Ghost inspector interface

Variables via API Execution

"domain" variable is passed into your test or suite runs as simple GET parameter when you execute via the Agile.Now DevOps. For example, in a development environment, the value is the host domain of your environment,, or in a test environment, This allows tests to always be performed in the right environment.

How to setup

To use Agile.Now DevOps in full, you must have access to Ghost Inspector software. 

  • Create a new account or you can activate a free trial for a limited period. You can follow this link
  • Generate the API key for integration using this link
  • If you have many organizations in Ghost Inspector software, you will also need an organization ID. You can find the ID from the account in the software settings and under your organization. 
  • Create user accounts for the required testers in the software. Developers may not need software accounts.
  • In the Ghost inspector account find the API Key under API Access section. 
  • In the organizations list go to organization details and find the organization ID. 
  • Copy and paste the Ghost Inspector’s API key to API Key field of the factory settings.
  • Copy and paste the Ghost Inspector’s Organization ID to Organization ID field of the Factory Settings.

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