Agile.Now troubleshooting
  • 29 Nov 2022
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Agile.Now troubleshooting

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Article Summary


The article talks about troubleshooting AgileNow. A debug mode has been added in the Agile.Now builder and the developer can see all of the information in the service center general log and/or the error log.


Set the debug parameter for the site property in the Agile.Now service module to true. The parameter is single tenant and you can set the value from the module tab in the OutSystems service center.

Log levelDescription
0No log messages.
1Json conversions.
2Executed dynamic SQL statements.
3Json conversions and executed dynamic SQL statements.


  • Execute the function or code. Open the OutSystems system general log.
  • The general log contains all json conversions and executed dynamic SQL statements.
    SQL statements contain SQL parameters, their values as well as the executed SQL statements. If the SQL statement is longer than 2000 characters, it is divided into several different messages.

    The maximum length of the OutSystems system log text is 2000 characters.


  • All errors in the Agile.Now application are written to the OutSystems service center error log.
  • Execute the function or code. Open the OutSystems service center error log.
  • The error log contains all errors with detail information.
  • SQL statements contain SQL parameters and their values, as well as the executed SQL statements.
  • Check parameters, data types and, if necessary, execute an SQL statement, eg with the OutSystems Forge “SQL Sandbox” component.


Agile.Now Metadata Not Found

If you change the database structure, you may get an error similar to the one below.

How to fix this problem?

  1. Open the service centre "Agile.Now builder" application and then start the module "AgileNow_Service"
  2. Towards the bottom, look for Timers. Run "InvalidateCache" timer. The timer clears the entire "Agile.Now Builder" cache.
  3.  Test your code again. If the error persists, check your code again regarding the saving / fetching action.

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